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Hello my all sweet and my all lovely followers. As you all know This is Sameera Shah. I know you all would be like to know or you all would be like to read about me. So I am here and I will write and explain myself in detail. Firslty I would like to tell you that I am from Gurgaon. Since my birth I am living here. I belong from an educated and well culture family. I am an educated and graduate girl.

I did my graduation last year. I am a modren girl. A girl who live and like to live like an atmosphere of twenty first century. Everyone says that I am very bold and very hot girl. I am a girl of 5 “6” height. I am very fair in color.My friends says that I have a dreamy body figure. I will keep it secret here. You will see my figure whenever we will meet or we will date each other. I am not saying that I am still virgon or I have no experience of relaetionship. I am frankly saying that I have a lot of experience in this field or I mean I am well known about all these things. I provide all type of sex servise during meeting. I know it very well that how to impress a man. I know it very well that how to satisfy a man. In other words that I am an educated Gurgaon Escorts girl.

Now many question and many things will be running in your mind about me that I am an educated or I am bold girl then why I am doing this type of work. Yeah you are right and thinking very much right. Earlier I said that I am a girl of twenty first century. So you can imagine and you can say that I am not a shy girl. I am very bold and an openminded girl. All we know that sex is a need of our body. You can say that sex and all activity releated to sex are very important to everyone.

As one of the most successful sameera escort in Gurgaon, I do believe that a beautiful Model can make a man more creative, productive and attractive. They can make a complete to execute many field that were hard for them. Feel more Indian passion every time when you meet Gurgaon Escorts sameera a independent escort, a deep kiss for you and my huge is haven for all man , and press me against your hairy chest. My honesty, loyalty, and my service creative erotic skill, high seduction power, and personal care stand me out from the other Escorts. ,

You all know that food is very important to us and very important in our life, we all have need of it regularly and we all take it regularly, Iam right. Yeah, I know that I am right. And one another thing is that we all like to and want to eat different type of food in our life. A man according to me can not eat regualry one type of vegitarian and chappati in his life. Because if we will do this again and again we will feel a lot of borness in our life, and as we know it is very important to us. Then everyone think that we should eat sometime at home and sometime at any hotel. But many people can not do this, becouse everyone has his own restrications.

But you know it very well that many people or genelmen do not like restrictions in their life. If I talk about myself, I do not like really I do not like. In same way we can not enjoy with a man or women. What you say friends I am right or not? Tell me tell me, I know your answer your answer surely like that yes you are right. But in india even after twenty first century there is a lot of myths about sex and releated to sex. But I am not like that think dear if we can not eat same type of food only for few days then how we can enjoy or we can sleep with same man. It is so disquisting na, hmmmm but we are living in india and we can not raise up our voice. Even every gentlemen has desire that they should sleep with a new girl whwnever they are outside of their home. Many gentelman are doing this and for this purpose they need an escorts girl in that city, in which city they are staying.

Now I would like to tell you that I very fond of sex. I mean I am very passienate towards its. Here I would like to tell you that I have a lot of expensive hobbies and habbits. I like to roam outside country or outside my home. I always like to wear high branded clothes and jwellery. I always like to stay in five star hotels, if there is no five star hotel then I can manage with three star hotel, but I can not manage with below of three star hotel. I like to go for late night outing atleast three days in a weak. I like to go in clubs in mall. You can say that I have a lot of expensive pursuit or you can spaek up about me that I am very fiend of expensive inclinations.

For full fill these weakness I have need of a lot of mony. Then I thouht that I am very passionate toward sleeping with a man then I should go for such type of proffession or such type of work, even you can say that it is my bussnies now. Look fiends you need a charming sexy bold girl. I need mony and sex.Then I decided to be an Independent Escortd in Gurgaon. I describe myself ealier then for what you are waiting. Just pick up your phone and call me or mail me for getting full satisfaction or full enjoy in the room of five star hotel. For further inquery or detail you can visit my conatct page of this website. A cahrming sexy and beautifull girl is waiting for you. Love you my friends. Thanx for visit my site and reading about myself. Again I am saying do not forget to contact me.

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